JDR Photo

Thanks to my good friend Joe Des Rosier for this cool shot! JDR is the man! He's been with me on my music journey in Austin from the very beginning, hiring me to play a big tech launch party downtown…

Howie Day - Collide

"Play the doo doo song!" Um, OK, which one lil fella? I mean I have so many... Ohhh, Collide by Howie Day. Gotcha. K here ya go...

Video on YouTube here -> https://youtu.be/j90xOELAyLo

Typhoon Texas

Waldo is on stage (right middle). Next time I’ll wear the red+white striped shirt. 😎

Typhoon Texas is amazing!! So good seeing my sister, nephews, and extended family too. What a weekend.

Thanks to Keith, Chris, and Shawn…

James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go

I play "Say You Won't Let Go" by James Arthur for weddings and engagements all the time, and apparently now for highly technical conferences, ha. My excuse? "LabVIEW" sounds a lot like "LoveYou."

Video on YouTube here -> https://youtu.be/aAKdgI_iMEE

Vulcan Stars

Showtime! These lights are on point 😃😎🤘 Thank you to Ruby (lighting) and Tim (sound) at The Vulcan Gas Company, and also Dan Quinn, Paul Mandeltort, Brandon Vasquez, and everyone who came out to DQBFestX! It was an awesome night…

Oasis - Wonderwall

People always request Wonderwall by Oasis which is very recognizable around the world, so I decided to play it at our global NIWeek conference in Austin last week. My friends were trying to make me laugh, and they succeeded (it's…

Food trucks inside ACC

Played this gigantic lunch at the conference. :) And yes, those are food trucks at the back. The BBQ brisket burger was amazing. People were waiting for seats to open up once sessions released.

Special shout-out to Darren Nattinger…

U2 - With Or Without You

National Instruments asked me to open our annual global NIWeek conference again this year with another 30-minute acoustic set before the main keynote. Here's the first song I played that morning...

On YouTube -> https://youtu.be/YNMY-1x8q3o

Keep in mind…

Vulcan Fire

The Vulcan made my set look and sound like fire! I love playing here with Dan Quinn and Paul Mandeltort every year. I don’t deserve such a stage, so I owe y’all bigtime. Deeply grateful. Til next year! Love and…

My ACC view from stage

Sound check! 7:00am. One hour before several thousand flood this place. Almost GO TIME. I can barely contain my excitement, ha. Gonna be huge!

NIWeek 2018 Setup

Setting up for the show tomorrow. Chairs will cover the entire floor. Double screens halfway back. Unreal. Can’t wait to play #NIWeek @ ACC again. I feel so honored and blessed. Thank you NI!

Victoria's 5-Star Review

"Drew Pierce is Magic! - If you’re looking for a true professional, who is engaging, talented and such great vibe for your celebration, then Drew is your guy. He played for my husband’s 40th birthday party, and was the