Home - Marc Broussard (new video cover)

Get ready for some deep south bluesy soulful swamp stomp. When I moved back home from Maryland to Texas, this was the song I played driving all the way home. Seriously at least 30-40 times. It was awesomely ridiculous. I remember the phone call I made to mom & dad when I found out I landed my job in Austin. I asked 'em, "What's the best news I could possibly tell y'all right now?" Without missing a beat, mom excitedly said, "You're moving HOME?!?!" Nailed it. There's a line in this song that says, "This greyhound is delta bound mama, baby boy done finally found his way home." Ha, I love it. Pay no attention to the faces I made trying to hit Marc's otherworldly scratchy/squealy high notes. The dude's a beast. But I love this song too much not to try. And every time I play/sing it, I remember that life-changing drive...

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